Yale University (New Haven)

Collection, 1949-1989: 1 folder (43 leaves), 6 sound recordings

Yale University was founded in 1701. Its library, one of the largest in the United States, contains many important manuscripts. There is an oral history department in the library, and many important American musicians have provided interviews for the collection. A number of interviews are on Schoenberg.


correspondence (11 items: 1949-1989) with Boston Symphony Orchestra (Leonard Burkat), Charles Ives, et al.
oral history recordings and transcripts (John Cage (1976, no tape, partial transcript only), Rudolf Kolisch (1976), Ronald Schoenberg (1975), Nuria Schoenberg Nono (1977), Leonard Stein (1975), Gerald Strang (1975))
text manuscript (by Schoenberg regarding Ives)
pamphlet (on oral history at Yale) inventions, designs, etc.


ASI (Jerry McBride (1 item: 1986), R. Wayne Shoaf (2 items: 1986-1989))
Arnold Schoenberg (2 items: 1949)
Gertrud Schoenberg (1 item: 1953)
Yale University (Kendall L. Crilly (1 item: 1989), Janice Fournier (1 item: 1981), Martha M. Hyde (1 item: 1984), Vivian Perlis (2 items: 1986))