Malkin, Beatrice, 1912-

Collection, ca. 1933: 1 folder (9 leaves, 1 photograph)

Beatrice Malkin--daughter of Joseph Malkin (1879-1969). Joseph Malkin was a Russian-born 'cellist. He played with the Berlin Philharmonic (1902-1908), the Boston Symphony Orchestra (from 1914), and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1919-1922). He also had a notable career as a soloist and chamber musician. In 1933, he founded the Malkin Conservatory in Boston, where Beatrice worked as the executive secretary, registrar, and administrator. Schoenberg taught at the Conservatory for one year (1933-1934) immediately upon his emigration to the United States. See Journal of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute XIII/2 (Nov. 1990) pp. 165-257 for the Schoenberg-Malkin correspondence.


correspondence (7 items: 1981)
photograph (1 item: ca. 1933) of Joseph Malkin


ASI (Clara Steuermann (3 items: 1981))
Beatrice Malkin (3 items: 1981)
Jo Springer (1 item: 1981)