Leo Baeck Institute (New York)

Collection, 1930-1989: 1 box (4 folders (97 leaves, 28 volumes))

The Leo Baeck Institute--founded in 1955 by representative organizations of Jews from Germany for the purpose of collecting material on and sponsoring research into the history of the Jewish community in Germany and in other German-speaking countries from the Emancipation to the Nazi period. The Institute is named in honor of the man who was the "last representative figure of German Jewry in Germany during the Nazi period". The Institute houses the papers of Max Kowalski (1882-1956), a composer who was Schoenberg's legal adviser (1933).


articles (2 items: 1947-1948)
clippings (5 items: 1930)
correspondence (39 items: 1933-1989)
photographs (2 items) of paintings of the Rosé Quartet (by Oskar Stössel) and Peter Altenberg (by L. Braun)
sworn statements by Gertrud and Arnold Schoenberg regarding Von heute auf morgen, op. 32 (1930)
title pages with Schoenberg inscriptions (2 items: 1930-1947)
printed forms (3 leaves)
typed documents by Schoenberg (4 leaves: Nov. 1934)
handwritten document (1 leaf)
publications of the Leo Baeck Institute (7 items: 1977-1987) (Milton "German-Jewish Genealogical Research"
The Leo Baeck Institute New York
The Leo Baeck Memorial Lecture 21, 23 "Guidelines for Leo Baeck Institute Research Fellowships
Library & Archives News 6-15 (1977-1981)
LBI News v.18-no.54 (1977-1987))


ASI (Jerry McBride (1 item: 1983), R. Wayne Shoaf (1 item: 1989), Clara Steuermann (13 items: 1976-1980))
Leo Baeck Institute (London) (Arnold Paucker (1 item: 1989))
Leo Baeck Institute (New York) (Fred Grubel (13 items: 1976-1988), Sybil Milton (3 items: 1979-1983))
Arnold Schoenberg (6 items: [n.d.]-1933, 1949)
Gertrud Schoenberg (1 item: 1951)

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Clippings: Op. 32