Lenin State Library of the USSR (Moscow)

Collection, 1912-1990: 1 folder (859 leaves), 2 microfilms, 6 microfiche

The Lenin State Library of the USSR--one of the three largest libraries in the world. It is the administrative center of all public libraries in the USSR, with a highly developed international exchange program. After the revolution of 1917 it received many confiscated libraries. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991), it was renamed the Russian State Library.


articles on or by Schoenberg in Russian (39 items: 1912-1983)
correspondence (7 items: 1989-1990)


ASI (R. Wayne Shoaf (3 items: 1989-1990))
Lenin State Library of the USSR (E.A. Saval'eva (1 item: 1990), Z.P. Sorokina (3 items: 1989-1990))