Drüner Antiquariat (Stuttgart), ), dealer in antiquarian music

Collection, 1908-1923: 4 folders (1 score, 1 manuscript, 1 letter)


auction catalogues (6 items: 1994-2011)
correspondence (5 items: 1915-1994)
music (2 items: 1905-07) op. 4 (score with dedication to Zemlinsky); op. 10 (sketch, 4th movement); op. 23 (Stichplattenabzug, Hansen/Copenhagen Nr. 18298, with autograph corrections by Arnold Schönberg)

Auction item descriptions

book (1 item, 1940) Harmonielehre with dedication
correspondence (4 items: 1931-1939)
music (2 item, 1912-1944)
Gurre-Lieder score with annotations and correspondence by Arnold Schönberg, and documents relating to Bruno Walter, Robert Franz Arnold and others; concert programs; most probably from the estate of Wilhelm Klitsch
Moses und Aron, note for Act II, last scene
op. 30, short quotation from movement III to "Mr. Ashley T. Cole."
op. 37, short quotation of mouvement II, dated 1940
photograph (1 item, 1922)


ASI (R. Wayne Shoaf (1 item: 1994)) to Drüner
Ulrich Drüner (1 item: 1994) to ASI (Shoaf)
Arnold Schoenberg (1 item: 1915-1939) to Gottfried Kassowitz, Johannes Schüler, Carl Engel, Leo Kestenberg