Christine Schäfer in... Arnold Schönberg - Pierrot Lunaire & Robert Schumann - Dichterliebe (DVD) arte edition 100 330

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Pierrot lunaire op. 21

InterpretInnen / artists
Pierre Boulez, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Florent Boffard, Christine Schäfer, Sophie Charrier, Alain Damiens, Jeanne-Marie Conquer, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Natascha Osterkorn

Beschreibung / description
This double programme with singer Christine Schäfer offers classical music in a new visual context:
In the film One Night. One Life (1999), based on the cycle Pierrot Lunaire, Arnold Schönberg’s opus 21, director Oliver Herrmann has created a surreal, at times grotesque dream world set in a modern city, through which Pierrot (Christine Schäfer) moves like a spirit. In each new number she passes through different scenes and levels of the world around us: such as an abattoir, a peep-show, a station or a supermarket.

In Dichterliebe (2000), a film by Oliver Herrmann based on Robert Schumann’s song-cycle of the same name, the boundaries between song recital and reality blur. The chosen setting – a night club in the centre of Berlin – creates the intimate, dark salon atmosphere in which the songs might also have been performed at the time they were written. Returning to origins in this way, the film departs from the concert atmosphere in which song-recitals are normally performed nowadays.

This DVD is enhanced by a 45-minute interview in which Christine Schäfer speaks about her life, career and understanding of classical music.

Inhalt / contents
Arnold Schönberg: Pierrot lunaire op. 21
Robert Schumann: Dichterliebe
Interview with Christine Schäfer

Christine Schäfer in... Arnold Schönberg - Pierrot Lunaire & Robert Schumann - Dichterliebe
directed by Oliver Hermann, produced by Robert Zimmermann
126 (including Christine Schäfer interview 45 min.) min., 16:9, NTSC
Sprache / language: Deutsch (UT: Deutsch, english, fancais, espagnol)
Verlag / publisher: Naxos Deutschland GmbH
Jahr / year: 2002


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